Wedding Words: Essential English Vocabulary About Weddings (2024)

Whether you’re a bride-to-be, a proud groom, or simply an English language enthusiast, we’re here to make sure you have all the right words to express the love and joy that fill the air on your special day.

From heartfelt vows to enchanting toasts, wedding words play a significant role in creating unforgettable moments that will be cherished for a lifetime. So, let’s dive into the world of weddings and explore the beautiful realm of English wedding words that will add an extra touch of magic to your celebration.

Basic wedding words and phrases in English

  • Proposal: A heartfelt moment when one partner asks the other to marry them, expressing their love and commitment. It marks the beginning of their journey towards wedded bliss.
  • Engagement: The period between the proposal and the wedding, symbolizing the commitment and intention to marry. It is a time of excitement and anticipation, filled with preparations and planning for the upcoming celebration of love.
  • Engagement ring/wedding ring: A precious symbol of love and commitment, usually worn on the ring finger. The exchange of these rings during the wedding ceremony is a cherished tradition.
  • Will you marry me? (usually said by the man): A timeless question uttered by the man as he expresses his desire to spend the rest of his life with his beloved.
  • Fiancé/fiancée (status after engagement but before the wedding): The terms used to refer to a person who is engaged to be married. This term reflects the special bond and commitment shared between two individuals as they prepare for their forthcoming union.
  • Bridal shower: A celebratory event held in honor of the bride-to-be before the wedding day. It is an occasion filled with love, laughter, and well wishes, where friends and family gather to shower the bride with gifts and share in the excitement of her upcoming nuptials.
  • Stag night/bachelor party: An occasion for the groom and his male friends to celebrate his last days of bachelorhood. This lively gathering is filled with fun, laughter, and camaraderie, as the groom and his friends bond and create lasting memories before he embarks on his marital journey.
  • Wedding: The culmination of love and commitment, where two individuals exchange vows and are united in marriage. It is a joyous occasion that brings together family and friends to witness and celebrate the union of souls.
  • Bride: The central figure in a wedding, the woman who is getting married. She radiates beauty and grace as she walks down the aisle, adorned in her wedding gown, ready to embark on a lifelong journey of love and partnership.
  • Maid of honor: The bride’s closest female friend or family member who plays a significant role in supporting and assisting her throughout the wedding planning process. This special person stands by the bride’s side, offering emotional support and sharing in her joy as she says her vows.
  • Bridesmaids: Close friends or family members chosen by the bride to be a part of her wedding party. These lovely ladies stand beside the bride, adding charm and support as they participate in various pre-wedding events and celebrations.
  • Groom: The man who is getting married, the partner of the bride. He stands tall and proud at the altar, ready to declare the wedding words of love and commitment to his beloved, marking the beginning of their married life together.
  • Best man: The groom’s most trusted friend or family member who plays a significant role in supporting him throughout the wedding planning process. The best man stands by the groom’s side, offering encouragement, assistance, and delivering a heartfelt speech during the reception.
  • Groomsman: The male friends or family members chosen by the groom to be a part of his wedding party. These loyal companions stand beside the groom, providing support and camaraderie during the wedding festivities.
  • Ringbearer: A young boy or girl who has the honor of carrying the wedding rings down the aisle during the ceremony. Their participation adds an adorable touch to the occasion, as they symbolically present the “wedding words” of love and commitment to the couple.
  • Wedding gown/wedding dress: The exquisite attire worn by the bride on her wedding day. This beautiful garment is carefully chosen to reflect the bride’s style and personality, making her feel like a princess as she walks down the aisle to say her “wedding words” of love.
  • Veil: A delicate and often sheer fabric worn by the bride that covers her face before she walks down the aisle.
  • Wedding suit/tuxedo: The stylish attire worn by the groom on his wedding day. Whether it’s a classic tuxedo or a tailored suit, the groom’s outfit is chosen to complement the bride’s gown.
  • Ceremony (at a church or outdoors): The formal part of the wedding where the couple publicly declares their love and commitment to each other.
  • Wedding vows: The heartfelt promises made by the couple during the wedding ceremony. These personalized wedding words reflect their love, commitment, and aspirations for their future life together.
  • Exchange the rings: The moment during the wedding ceremony when the couple symbolically exchanges their wedding rings. It is a poignant act that signifies their commitment and the beginning of their journey as husband and wife.
  • Throwing rice, confetti, or coins: A joyful tradition where guests shower the newlyweds with rice, confetti, or coins as they exit the ceremony venue. These celebratory gestures are intended to bestow good luck and blessings upon the couple as they embark on their married life.
  • Breaking glass: A symbolic act often associated with Jewish weddings, where the groom smashes a glass with his foot. This act is followed by joyful shouts and signifies the end of the ceremony and the beginning of the celebrations.
  • Wedding bouquet: A carefully arranged collection of flowers held by the bride as she walks down the aisle.
  • Tossing the bouquet: An age-old tradition where the bride throws her bouquet into a group of single women. It is believed that the woman who catches the bouquet will be the next to get married, adding an element of excitement and anticipation to the celebration.
  • Wedding cake: A delectable centerpiece of the wedding reception. The wedding cake is a sweet delight that brings everyone together to celebrate the couple’s union. Cutting the cake and feeding each other a slice is a charming tradition that marks the beginning of their shared life.
  • Bridal Waltz: A traditional dance performed by the newlyweds as their first dance together as a married couple. Although waltzing is not as common nowadays, couples often create their own dance routines to a song of their choice.
  • Wedding party: The collective term for the group of people involved in the wedding, including the bridesmaids, groomsmen, maid of honor, best man, and other close friends and family members who support and celebrate the couple’s special day.
  • Honeymoon: A romantic getaway taken by the newly married couple after the wedding. It is a time for relaxation, adventure, and intimacy, allowing the couple to bask in the afterglow of their wedding.
  • Husband: The title bestowed upon the male partner in a marriage. It signifies the lifelong commitment, love, and partnership he shares with his wife.
  • Wife: The title given to the female partner in a marriage. It represents the deep love, devotion, and partnership she shares with her husband.
  • Flower girl: A young girl who walks down the aisle before the bride, scattering flower petals. The flower girl adds a touch of innocence and charm to the ceremony.
  • Newlyweds: The term used to describe a couple who has recently gotten married.
  • Registry office: A government office where civil weddings are conducted. Couples can legally marry at a registry office, making it an important location for exchanging their wedding words and officially registering their union.

Interesting facts

Wedding Words: Essential English Vocabulary About Weddings (1)

Colour of the dress

In Asian countries, the dress must be red or orange.

This differs from Western countries, where brides choose white dresses or dresses of pastel shades. White is considered a symbol of chastity and innocence.

Wearing a wedding ring

The wedding ring is worn on the third finger (ring finger) of the left hand in countries like the United States, Germany, France, etc. In Russia, it is worn on the ring finger of the right hand.

What every bride needs

In America, it is said that every bride needs the following before her wedding:

“Something old,

Something new,

Something borrowed,

Something blue.”

“Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

What interesting and unusual types of wedding ceremonies or traditions from different countries do you know?

The end of the ceremony

We hope this article has offered a glimpse into the language of love and matrimony. From heartfelt proposals to joyous celebrations, wedding words hold immense power to evoke emotions and create cherished memories.

So, let your words be filled with love and authenticity as you embark on your own wedding journey. Cheers to a lifetime of happiness and unforgettable moments!

Wedding Words: Essential English Vocabulary About Weddings (2024)


What are the words for wedding marriage? ›

Exchange of Vows

Woman answers, "I do." Notary states, "Repeat after me." To the man: "I, (his name), take you (her name ), to be my wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part."

What words describe a wedding? ›

Synonyms of wedding
  • marriage.
  • bridal.
  • espousal.
  • nuptial(s)
  • match.
  • matrimony.
  • union.
  • wedlock.

What are the 3 promises of marriage? ›

The couple could promise each other to "love and cherish" or, alternatively, the groom promises to "love, cherish, and worship", and the bride to "love, cherish, and obey".

What is the English word for wedding? ›

the act or ceremony of marrying; marriage; nuptials.

How do you describe a wedding in 5 words? ›

Amazing, Legendary, Epic, Best Ever! Meaningful, shared love, fabulous & fun!

How do you describe a wedding in 3 words? ›

Here are a few examples from this season's wedding couples;

Which three words decribe your day from your memories. My three words would be as follows; Relaxed, food and fun!

What are wedding vibes? ›

Your Wedding Vibe

Also known as your wedding style or aesthetic, details the look or feel you want to represent on your wedding day. Your wedding vibe encompasses a variety of factors such as venue, attire, color palette, decor, and florals. It also assists your vendors with bringing your wedding day vision to life!

What are the 7 vows of marriage? ›

"In the name of God, I, _____, take you, _____, to be my (wife/husband), to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, until parted by death.

What are God's 3 purposes for marriage? ›

God designed marriage for three primary purposes: companionship, procreation, and redemption. These purposes are still relevant today and are essential for a healthy society. Let's take a closer look at each one.

What are some unique wedding vows? ›

45 Funny Wedding Vows to Exchange During Your Ceremony
  • "I promise to take you in sickness and in health, regardless of the dangerous stuff I put you through!"
  • "Does this mean I have to stop referring to you by your last name?"
  • "I promise to love you, honor you, but not obey because that's a little creepy.”
Aug 21, 2023

What is the slang word for marry? ›

wed. get hitched (slang) tie the knot (informal)

What is a word for bride and groom? ›

cohabitants man and woman married couple Mr. and Mrs. wedded pair.

How do you caption wedding vibes? ›

Simple Wedding Guests Captions
  1. The happiest day. 💍
  2. We have *married* friends now.
  3. All you need is love.
  4. They did!
  5. Another weekend, another wedding.
  6. Cheers to the newlyweds.
  7. Love is in the air.
  8. To love, laughter, and happily ever after.
Sep 18, 2023

What are the three most important words in marriage? ›

He repeated a refrain he has often used when meeting with families and married couples, listing the three most important words in a marriage: “Please, thanks and sorry.”

What words do you start a wedding ceremony with? ›

Dear family and friends, we have gathered here together to witness Name Of Bride and Name Of Groom, as they exchange their vows of marriage. We rejoice with them in their delight of finding love with each other, and support their decision to commit themselves to a lifelong relationship.


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