P-996 Lazer And Huge Bonuses Come To GTA Online (2024)

Rockstar Games seemingly wants to make up for all those weeks of waiting for the best vehicles on the DLC schedule, and have followed up last week’s Hunter with the P-996 Lazer, the purchasableversion of everyone’s favorite fighter jet. They’ve also ramped things up with the double rewards bonuses and released the Transform Race creator as well.

Though there are quite a few things here clamoring for attention, it’s definitely the Lazer that steals the show. Though the plane has been in the game since launch, this is the first time it can be purchased, owned and customized.

Though not the fastest fighter in the game, nor the best armed or most durable, the community seems to have a soft spot for the Lazer. A combination of prestige linked to being tough to control and a base advantage of not being the hated Hydra, it’s been highly anticipated by players ever since news of it coming as DLC got out.

The Lazer’s purchasable version is identical to the one found in the Smuggler’s Run missions, which in turn is identical to the model that has been in the game from day one. The only things that set it apart are the fact that it can be stored in your hangar, and that you can customize it, albeit to a very limited extent.

The P-996 Lazer will set you back GTA$ 6,500,000, but then no-one expected a military fighter jet to be cheap. Though stat-wise the Hydra outclasses it, the Lazer is still high up in the airplane foodchain. Skill matters more than stats anyway, and chances are the player flying the Lazer is a better pilot than the one flying the Hydra. The days of sneaking into Zancudo for one of these beauties is over!

Free Military Vehicles: If you want to grab the P-996 Lazer jet, the Rhino tank, or other military items for free in GTA you can head to the Fort Zancudo military base. Find it using our map, or otherwise look for the big complex hidden near the outskirts of Blaine County. Just make sure you are prepared for a quick exit, as security is very tight!

The other major addition this week is the slew of Transform Races props arriving to the Race Creator.

Though general props have been added as well, the vehicle transformation checkpoints are the main attraction as these are what allow you to make your race become a Transform Race. Beyond simply adding the checkpoints we’ve come to know from the Rockstar-made races, new vehicles have been enabled for Transform Races, including the Oppressor.

In terms of discounts, Rockstar is going all out and then some. Instead of the usual one week schedule, they’ve collected a huge number of activities which will provide double GTA$ and RP for the next two weeks, through the 11th of December.

To motivate players to build and test their own new creations with the updated props, all Transform Races will be doling out double rewards. If missions involving outlandish vehicles are your thing but you don’t like racing, special vehicle work is also in the promo. More down to earth? Double rewards from Bikers Contract Missions should suit you just fine.

Beyond these three mission types, a whole set of Adversary Modes will also give double rewards. Some are true classics, and this promotion will see newer players discovering older modes while veterans will be able to reminisce. Inch by Inch, Running Back, Every Bullet Counts and the newer Stockpile and Motor Wars are included.

Being a wage slave is also slightly less bad more lucrative, as Associate and Bodyguard salaries have been doubled. Though not a doubling promo, another increased way to make cash is via the 25% buff to Gunrunning manufacturing and research.

Discounts are similarly meaty, rivaling the Black Friday sale in number, if not in magnitude, as we’ve reverted to the usual 25% off rate. Budding entrepreneurs will like this selection as many items assist kicking off your businesses.

If you’re ready to make the jump to a more organised form of crime, you’re in luck because business properties are included in the sale. Offices, Clubhouses, Bunkers and Hangars (all models of each) are discounted, as well as Executive Garages.

Heavily armed vehicles are also on the cheap if you’re hurting for some protection. The list is exhaustive as it includes theMobile Operations Center Cabs, APC, Weaponized Tampa, HVY Nightshark, Half-Track, Dune FAV, Karin Technical, Anti-Aircraft Trailer and Buzzard Attack Chopper.

P-996 Lazer And Huge Bonuses Come To GTA Online (2024)


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